no way not gonna happen

Well, I have been busting my butt trying to find a way to get my site up and running the way I wanted. All I wanted was a simple clean site where I could have a mobile photo sharing blog. Well, it seems the only way to do it is with flickr. Well, I don’t want flickr! I want to host my own photos! So I created a totally convoluted crazy messed up back end with so much work involved just to create one single post. Yup. I managed to utilize more than three plugins and three steps just to make a single post. This is of course not ideal. I wanted to be able to create a gallery of photos from my iPhone and upload in a single swoop. (Yeah, I know I can do that part.) Integrating it into looking good is beyond a chore at this point.

Then there was the whole template issue. Good grief! Simple and plain please! Well not only did I manage to create a lot of work for one post, I managed to succumb to flickr. Seems it’s the only one that integrates nicely amongst WordPress, iPhoto, and my iPhone. The others are bulky and somewhat fugly. I’ll elaborate on that more when and if I find the time.

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